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Medieval Village

October 2000 - ???

This is a work in progress: a completely modular medieval castle/village. The photos show five sections: two wall sections, two towers, and an Inn. The wall segments can be recombined in any way. The final product will include a fortified bridge (90% finished, not shown), a palace/keep, a blacksmithy, and stables.

The Inn is built so that each story can be detached from the one below. There is an actual, usable (if you were a minifig) staircase running through it, as well as a fireplace/chimney through the center. The interior is unfinished.

On the right is the Tower of Sir Dana the True. Notice the cross windows on the top level. The third photo on the right shows how this tower opens; one wall is hinged.

The octagonal tower, the Tower of Kelfar, is hinged down the center (bottom right).

Sir Dana the True and Kelfar were the D&D characters of two of my college friends, Joe Ryan and Dana Lupo. I'm using a number of our D&D characters as a driving force in the town's design.


This castle was originally populated by dwarves, then abandoned, then taken over by humans who built the upper tower.

In the second photo, note the fine Dwarven vaulting on the lower levels and the tower on the right which steps out from the natural rock on and in which the fortress is built.

The third photo shows the wizard Kelfar's tower, where he conducts magical and necromantic studies. His workshop, above the treasure stores, has a chain which Kelfar can pull to open the roof to the winged visitors with whom he sometimes parleys...

I believe I built this in late 1998.

Ninja Temple

This design, from sometime in 1999, shows the corner of a large Ninja temple. The hideout in the lowest levels, built into the rock of a mountain, is guarded with a cannon. The rock under the cannon swings out to provide entrance to those in possession of the proper passwords. The upper levels feature a pagoda-style roof.

Dragon Masters' Stronghold

I built this in late summer 1994, just before Junior year of college. My Lego collection was split in two; at college I had the Legos I had bought or been given while in school, but the bulk of my collection was at home. This was build mostly from a couple of Dragon Masters and Forestmen sets. The multi-level design includes a storage cellar, barbican and drawbridge, and tower.

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